Confetti - UGGP-A0767 15ml


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"Confetti - UGGP-A0767" in a generous 15ml bottle, our exuberant gel polish from the glitter collection that captures the spirit of celebration in every brushstroke. This vivacious shade is inspired by the colourful and playful confetti that brings joy to special occasions, offering a dazzling array of hues that dance across your nails.

"Confetti" boasts a festive mix of vibrant colours and shapes, reminiscent of the lively and cheerful atmosphere of parties and festivities. Whether you're aiming for a fun and whimsical look or seeking to add a touch of excitement to your manicure, this versatile shade promises to uplift your spirits and spark joy.

Formulated with high-quality ingredients and a smooth application, our "Confetti" gel polish delivers impeccable coverage and long-lasting wear, ensuring that your nails remain vibrant and flawless throughout the celebration.