Want an out of this world manicure? Here at Naio Nails, we’re going to show you exactly how to do it! Whether you’re a training nail technician or want to try your hand at acrylic extensions at home, this galaxy nail art design is a fun and creative way to get celestial nails you’ll be starry-eyed for. 

To learn how to do galaxy nails like a pro, check out our tutorial video below and follow our accompanying step-by-step instructions for all you need to know!

You will need: 


1. Dehydrate & prime

To start your galaxy nails, begin by applying your nail form. If you find there is any pressure on the finger or the nail form lies too flat, carefully cut slits in either side of the nail form to ensure you have the correct shape before starting. Once you have your nail form in place, dehydrate the nail and apply your Acid-Based Nail Primer ready to build your acrylic extension.

2. Apply clear acrylic powder

To build the extension of your galaxy nails, take a bead of your clear acrylic powder and pat and press it onto the natural nail and nail form, starting in the middle and working out to the sides. Take another bead to the end of the nail form to the length and shape you desire and follow the same process. We’ve opted for a stiletto nail for our galaxy nails tutorial, but you can pick any you or your client prefers! Once you’ve covered the nail form, add another thin bead to cover the natural nail as well.

Kirsty used a medium-speed acrylic liquid with her clear acrylic powder, but if you require a little bit more time for precision, we recommend a max adhesive acrylic liquid that sets slower.

Top Tip: Keep the side walls as neat and straight as you can, to give yourself less work later when it comes to filing.

3. Add your galaxy nail art colours

Now, you can start to add your colour! Choose the coloured acrylic powders you want for your galaxy nails, and start to build them up on the nail. This doesn’t have to be precise; for this look, simply overlap the colours so they blend together. Opt for your darkest colours on the bottom to act as a base you can then start to add layer lighter, brighter colours on top to create that galaxy effect.

4. Add chrome flakes

Next, add a whole new dimension to your design by using some stunning chrome flakes and powders. Simply dip your brush in and dot a small amount of each of your chosen colours into your galaxy nails design for a beautiful, shimmery effect. 

5. Add another layer of acrylic

Once you’re happy with your design, the next step is to encapsulate your galaxy nails to protect your design and add strength. To do this, add another layer of clear acrylic to your galaxy nails, starting at the tip and work your way down. Pat and press the clear acrylic across the whole of your design to ensure every part is covered and you have an even surface.

6. File & buff

Now, you can remove nail forms and start the filing process. Taking an e-file, run the filer around your cuticle area to smooth this down – the benefit of an e-file is that it can get to all the places a standard nail file can’t! 

Once you’ve finished this, take a standard nail file and run it down the sidewalls of your acrylic extensions to remove any sharp edges and get them nice and straight. Once you’ve got your desired shape, file over the top of your galaxy nails design to soften the top surface, and then buff over the nail to smooth it out. To get rid of any dust and make them even smoother, wipe the nail down with some acetone.

7. Add top coat & cure

Add a top coat and cure (LED lamp 30 seconds, U.V lamp 120 seconds). If you have any patches on your galaxy nails at this point, don’t worry! The filing process may have caused some of the colour to come away, but we have an easy fix coming up.

8. Top up gaps with chrome powder

If you have gaps where your chrome colours have come away, all you need to do is simply dab your finger into your chrome powder colour and pat it onto your nail to cover the clear patch. Once it’s covered, simply seal with another top coat and cure again. It’s that easy! To finish, add a little cuticle oil, and you’re done! 

You or your client will be left with stunning and unique galaxy nail art to show off. We love the creativity of this design and playing around with colour options. It might take a bit of practice to make perfect, but this look will soon become one of your favourites to do!

Check out our full range of coloured acrylic powders and chrome powders to get started with your own galaxy nail art. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram to show us how your galaxy nails turned out!

The coloured acrylic powders we used are: 

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