Want to try your hand at gorgeous glitter nails this month? Here at Nails Nails, we’re going to show you how! These glitter ombre nails are perfect for autumn and couldn’t be more suited for moving into the festive season too. 

We’ve used gold and pink glitter in our tutorial, but this ombre glitter nails look can be created using any two colour combinations you like! Additionally, if you don’t have time to do a complete set of glitter nails, you can also just apply one ombre glitter accent nail paired with complementary colours on your other fingers.

To learn how to get this look from scratch with acrylic powder, watch our video tutorial below and follow our simple step-by-step guide!

You Will Need:

Nail Art Glitter in two colours of your choosing! 

Acrylic Brush

Nail Prep/Dehydrator 

Acid-Free Nail Primer 

Nail Forms

Clear Acrylic Powder

Urban Graffiti Top Coat 

Gel Residue Remover

Pinching Tool

180/180 Grit Nail File

Nail Buffer

Pure Acetone

Lint Free Wipe

Cuticle Oil

Step 1: Dehydrate and prime

glitter nails, glitter ombre nails

To begin your glitter ombre nails, the first thing you need to do is apply your nail form to one nail at a time. Before you start applying any acrylic powder, you’ll also need to dehydrate and prime each nail using our Nail Prep Dehydrator and Acid-Free Primer.

Step 2: Build your acrylic

glitter nails, glitter ombre nails

Next, take a bead of clear acrylic powder and begin to pat and press your nail to the length and shape you desire. You only need a thin layer that will act as the base of your ombre glitter nails. In this tutorial, we’ve created a ballerina shape, but you can choose whichever shape you prefer!

Step 3: Add your first glitter nail colour

glitter nails, glitter ombre nails

Once you’ve formed the shape of your acrylic nail, you can apply the first of your chosen glitter ombre colours. Simply dip your brush into the glitter pot and apply it to the base of your nail at the cuticle, blending it down the nail until you reach halfway. If you use a fairly wet bead you will achieve this look so much easier!

Step 4: Apply your second glitter nail colour

glitter nails, glitter ombre nails

Next, follow exactly the same process with your second glitter ombre nail colour, this time starting at the tip of your nail and working in the opposite direction until it reaches the first colour. To achieve the right effect for these ombre glitter nails, you need to ensure the two colours are well blended together.

Step 5: Apply another coat of acrylic

glitter nails, glitter ombre nails

Once you’ve perfected the blend of your glitter ombre colours, you need to encapsulate the design by applying a second coat of clear acrylic powder. Simply cover the whole of your nail again with an even layer to seal the design in place.

Step 6: Use a nail pincher

glitter nails, glitter ombre nails

After letting your second coat of acrylic dry for a few seconds, apply your nail pinching tool to your nail to ensure you get a perfect c-curve. You’ll be able to tell when the coat is setting, as it will start to have a matte finish and will sound slightly hollow when tapped. After you’ve pinched your nail, you can remove the tool and the nail form.

Step 7: File & buff


glitter nails, glitter ombre nails

Next, file the sides of your nail to remove any sharp edges and buff over the top to smooth the surface down. If you’re not fantastic at applying acrylic yet you can perfect your shape during the filing step so don’t worry this design should be accessible to everyone.

Step 8: Wipe down with acetone

glitter nails, glitter ombre nails

Once the top of your nail is completely buffed, wipe it down with your lint-free wipe and pure acetone to ensure it’s free from any dust residue.

Step 9: Apply a top coat

glitter nails, glitter ombre nails

Next, all you have to do is lock the design of your ombre glitter nails in place by applying a top coat and curing them under a lamp (30 seconds under LED, 2 minutes under UV).

Step 10: Finish with some cuticle oil

glitter nails, glitter ombre nails

Finally, finish off the nail with a dab of cuticle oil. Complete this process for every nail and voilà! You have a beautiful set of glitter nails ready to show off this season. Now you know how to get gorgeous glitter ombre nails, you can explore our full range of nail art glitters to get started!

If you want the ombre nails look without the glitter, we’ve got a tutorial for that, too! Check out our guide on How to Do Ombre Nails Like a Pro

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