Love leopard print and want to get the look for your next manicure? Here at Naio Nails, we’ve got the purrrfect, easy-to-do design to try. Leopard print is always a popular choice for gel nails because this look never goes out of style; it’s a classic print you can wear casually or for a special occasion, and it suits every season.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to do a simple freehand technique that’s super easy to learn. Whether you’re a professional nail technician or just love doing nail art at home, these leopard print nails are ideal for all skill levels.

To learn how to do leopard print nails in five easy steps, check out our video tutorial and follow our guide below!

You will need:

1. Apply your base coat

leopard print nails

To begin your leopard print nails, start by applying your base colour. We’ve used Urban Graffiti Butterscotch gel polish for our base because it’s a perfect beige-brown tone for this look and light enough to apply other colours on top of. Simply apply two coats and cure your nails under your light when finished (LED for 30 seconds or U.V for 120 seconds).

2. Create your leopard spots

leopard print nails

Next, take your second, darker colour (Firewood), and start to add your leopard spots with your nail art brush. The great thing about these freehand leopard print nails is that they don’t need to be perfect! Just remember to add your spots across the nail in irregular shapes, varying them in size, so they don’t look too uniform. When finished, cure them again under your lamp.

3. Add your third colour

leopard print nails

Once you’re happy with your leopard print spots, you can add your third, sparkly gel polish colour (Bronze Medallion), which will create a lovely two-tone effect and a gorgeous glittery finish. Simply take your brush and lightly dot the glittery colour in the centre of each brown spot. Try not to make them too circular; they need to look like leopard print rather than polka-dots. When you’re finished, cure them again.

4. Define the spots

leopard print nails

Next, take your finer nail art brush and your black gel colour (Serious Black). Using small strokes, lightly add a little black polish around your leopard print spots, making the top and the bottom of each spot thickest. This will add the final touches to your leopard print nails and give them a more realistic, leopard-like look. Again, they don’t all have to look the same! The beauty of this design is they don’t need to be too precise. Just slowly add the black to each spot until you’re happy with your leopard print design, and then cure them again.

5. Add a top coat

And finally, to finish your leopard nails, add your top coat to give them a gorgeously glossy finish. You can use a matte top coat if you prefer, but the gloss will help enhance the glitter on your spots. Once you’ve applied the top coat, cure your nails one final time and finish the whole thing with a dab of cuticle oil on each nail. 


And there you have our easy, five-step process for lovely leopard print nails! Now you know how to do leopard print nails this easily, this will become a go-to nail art look you can opt for all year round. Don’t forget to show us how yours look by tagging us on Instagram

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