Jelly nails are the must-try nail trend for spring and summer. Ever since Kylie Jenner rocked the look, these Instagram-able nails have been a seasonal staple. Inspired by translucent, colourful jelly, this nail trend is fun, playful and gives us major ‘90s nostalgia (especially for those of us who remember jelly shoes!)

The revival of the ’90s has been huge in fashion and beauty for a while, and jelly nails fit right into the aesthetic. But, whether you’re into the throwback theme or just love the look of them, jelly nails are an eye-catching option perfect for summer styling.

Just like the sweet treat they’re named after, they’re bright, colourful and look good enough to eat.

How to do Jelly Nails

You can get jelly nails through a couple of techniques, including mixing your chosen colours with a clear topcoat. Getting the perfect transparency can be tricky though, and you can end up wasting product in the process.

Or, to make life easier, you can opt for pre-made jelly nail polish. Here at Naio Nails, we’ve launched our own Jelly gel polish range with a variety of bright and beautiful colours to choose from. With our pre-made polish, you can get gorgeous jelly nails with the perfect transparency every time, without hassle! 

Simply apply a coat or two of our jelly gel polish to your nails and cure them under a UV or LED lamp. The more layers you apply, the more intense the colour, so you can choose how vibrant you want your nails to be each time.

Our Jelly gel polish range

Our Jelly gel polish range includes a variety of gorgeous colours and shades perfect for the jelly nails trend. From pinks and purples to bright green and orange, these vibrant colours look amazing on their own or as a base for creative nail art.

Why not work with the fruity theme this summer like this zesty look, made with our acid green Sour Plum? Or add some on-trend swirls, off-set perfectly against our vibrant Pink Pineapple shade?

Or, for a twist on a classic look, opt for glossy jelly tips like these, created with our purple Elderberry shade!

If a new pair of jelly shoes is a step too far into the ‘90s trend for you, take inspiration from the era’s favourite sandals instead by adding a little glitter to your jelly nails to really emulate the look!

Whether you opt for full coverage or jelly tips, jelly nails always look amazing and work well for all different nail shapes and sizes. Browse all our Jelly nail polish range today to find your favourite shades! Don’t forget to show us how you used our Jelly range by tagging us on Instagram – we love to see what you do with our products.

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