With the resurgence of 00’s fashion, it was only a matter of time until the French manicure came back on the scene. Last year, colourful or animal print versions of the classic French tip were everywhere, and this fun trend is going nowhere in 2022!
Want to add a pop of colour to your mani this season? Opt for a twist on a classic with these colourful French tip nail designs.
A gorgeous option for colourful French tips is to combine two complementary colours together. In 2022, a French manicure doesn’t just mean the tips; give the look a modern update by extending the colour down the side of your nails too. This asymmetric drip-like effect works best with pointed nail shapes like almond or stiletto. 
With their square tips but extra-long length, these acrylic French nails give the look a modern twist. The bright and bold colours are also perfect for spring and summer – you can opt for alternating colours like this in neon or pick your favourite statement shade.
Or, stick to the traditionally short, square French tip shape – but update the look with a pop of colour like this fresh spring green shade. You can offset the square tips with a drip effect to soften the look, and we love the gold accent to make it pop.
Celebs like Kendall Jenner led the way with animal print French tips last year. Leopard, cheetah, dalmatian or zebra – take your pick! Whichever animal print you prefer, add it to your French tips for a fun and on-trend take on the look. To fit your design on, long acrylics work best.
Tortoiseshell tips are another gorgeous take on the look. Classy and elegant, these amber and brown shades are a more subtle option than bold primary colours or pastel shades. A thin gold band adds a luxe element to complete the look.
While classic French tip nails have a straight edge, you can update the look this year by creating a V shape at the tip. Simply extend the colour halfway down the sides of your nails, ensuring they’re symmetrical. Square or coffin-shaped nails work well for this look.
Another option is to sweep your French tip diagonally down your nail, so it covers a corner. Square or squoval nails work great for this look, but almond or rounded tips would fit the shape well too. Opt for one shade, or add a second complementary colour with a fine nail brush.
Or, alternate your French tips with sweeping waves from the tip to the bottom of your nails. Wave nails are also everywhere at the moment so this look ticks the boxes for both big trends for spring 2022! 
If you want to give a super subtle nod to the trend, opt for thin coloured French tips like this. This is the closest to the traditional style, but with the thin white tips swapped for alternating colours. You don’t need super long nails for this look either, short nails in a square or squoval shape work perfectly.

There are so many options when it comes to coloured tip nails. This look is all about adding a modern touch to the classic French manicure with bright pops of colour and patterns. Which of these colourful French tip nail designs will you be trying this year? Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram to show us!

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