Everyone’s talking about the biggest nail trends for 2022, but which famous faces are really driving the conversation? 

We look at Google search data to find out which celebrities are most influential when it comes to nail art – and our resident nail expert has detailed exactly how you can get these coveted looks for yourself.

1. Harry Styles

The most searched for celeb when it comes to nail art is singer and sartorial star Harry Styles. 

Almost as famous now for his avant-garde fashion choices as his catchy tunes, the Watermelon Sugar singer has cemented his reputation as a boundary-breaking style icon – and alongside his red carpet outfits, his penchant for playful nail art has garnered a lot of attention.

In fact, there were 123 searches a day for search terms around the singer’s nails last year – and more yearly searches than for Molly Mae Hague, Billie Eilish, and Ariana Grande combined! 

Searches peaked for Harry around November, which coincided with his own gender-neutral beauty line, Pleasing, inspired by ‘little moments of joy’. 

In keeping with the theme of joy, one of his best-loved looks last year is this fun smiley face design by nail artist Jenny Longworth, which is super easy to replicate.

Check out the Harry Styles nails on our very own YouTube Channel:

Steffi says: “Harry’s giving us major nail inspo with a natural nails manicure that consists of colour blocking and a quirky design. 

“Start by applying two thin layers of yellow gel polish and cure under a lamp. Next, using a dotting tool, apply two even dots of black gel polish and paint a curved line underneath with a fine detailing brush. 

“Cure this again, and apply a thin layer of top coat to finish.”

Get the look:

2. Kylie Jenner

The second most searched for celebrity nail art is the youngest member of the KarJenner clan, Kylie. 

With 105 searches per day last year, Kylie’s signature long acrylic nails are becoming almost as iconic as her trademark pout. 

Searches for Kylie’s nails peaked in May last year, when she posted the below pic of her glossy black stiletto nails to match her all-black ensemble. Elegant yet eye-catching, this dramatic, high-shine look adds an effortless edge to any outfit, especially when paired with the super-sharp tips. 

If all-black-everything is your vibe over neutrals and pink, this glam-goth look is the nail trend to take into 2022.

Steffi says: “A fashionista that will always surprise you with a fresh set of nails weekly! To achieve the look, don’t be afraid to get out your hand file and create a gorgeous stiletto tip (the pointier the better!) Apply two thin coats of serious black and finish off with a thin coat of an ultra-shiny top coat.”

Get the look:

3. Cardi B

With over 3,000 monthly searches for her nail art looks, Cardi B is the next celeb on our list. 

The WAP singer is not one to do anything by halves, and her extra-long, crystal-covered nails are no exception. Her signature OTT talons regularly take the internet by storm, but searches peaked in July when she posted this bejewelled, decal-adorned look to her Instagram stories. 

Covered in enormous charms and crystal-studded letters, Cardi’s nail art pays a sweet homage to her daughter Kulture, spelling out her name alongside her own and the word ‘mama’. 

While the sheer length and weight of this manicure masterpiece may not be feasible to the average person, you can take inspiration from Cardi’s look and add a little bling to your own nail art this year!

Steffi says: “The queen of long nails and bling! To achieve the look, don’t be afraid to add some length to your natural nails. Pick a nude shade of your choice, apply two thin layers and cure. Apply a thin layer of clear acrygel on the area where you want to place the jewel. Then, without curing, add a thin layer of top coat all over the nail, press the jewel onto the acrygel and cure for the full length of time under the lamp.” 

Get the look:

4. Molly Mae Hague

In stark contrast to Cardi B, next on our list of celeb nail influencers is Molly Mae. With 1,320 monthly searches for her simple-yet-chic nail choices, the Love Island star proves that understated elegance never goes out of style. Searches for Molly Mae’s nails peaked in October when she posted the below TikTok of her fresh French manicure. 

Yep, French manis are back! Short and square-shaped, this timeless look is as practical as it is pretty and will be a big trend for 2022 too. Keep an eye out for colour variations that offer a twist on this classic.

Steffi says: “With all the latest trendsetting outfits Molly Mae loves to show off on her Insta page, she always tends to keep the nails classy, natural and nude. To achieve nails that will match your every outfit, you can always rely on a good old fashioned French manicure. Start by applying two thin layers of light nude gel polish all over the nails and cure. Then, using a fine nail art brush, paint a smile line on the edge of the nails and fill it in with white gel polish to create the perfect smile line. Cure and then apply a top coat.”

Get the look:

5. Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish broke the internet last year when she wowed the world with her ultra-glam Vogue cover in May. 

Known for her baggy clothes and eccentric fashion choices, Billie’s hyper-feminine, vintage pin-up look stunned fans. 

But it wasn’t just the outfit that garnered interest – average monthly searches for her nails hit 1,040 last year, peaking when she debuted this new look on Instagram. 

Matching the nude shade of her corset, Billie’s ultra-long square-shaped tips were done by manicurist Tammy Taylor, who described the inspiration for the look as ‘classic beauty with an edge’.

Steffi says: “With Billie, you never know what you are in for. From extreme length and luminous colours to plain, natural nails. To achieve this classic look, apply two even layers of nude polish all over the nails and finish up by using a mega shine top coat.”

Get the look:

Which celebrity nail art looks will you be taking into 2022? Whether it’s Cardi’s serious bling or Molly Mae’s classic French tips, let us know by tagging us on Instagram

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