With Christmas just around the corner, here at Naio Nails, we’ve been getting into the festive spirit. What better excuse to up your manicure game than with some Christmas nail art designs? Whether you’re looking for delicately stencilled snowflake nails or glitter nails to rival the glitziest bauble on your Christmas tree, we’ve got the Christmas nail art ideas to inspire you this year.

Snowflake Nails

One of our favourite Christmas nail art designs to try this season is these beautiful snowflake nails, worthy of a snow queen. Though snowflake nails like these look intricate and fiddly, the method itself is a simple one to try.

Whether you opt for acrylics or Christmas gel nails this year, you can achieve this look by painting your nails in a nude pink and white ombre finish and apply your snowflake using a simple nail stamp. (If you’re unsure about how to do ombré nails, one light colour would work just fine for this look, too.) For an extra-festive sparkly effect, try adding a small crystal to the centre of your snowflake!

Alternatively, you can try snowflake nails with accompanying details like this gorgeous Christmas nail art. Deep red is perfect for achieving a luxe look while adding a festive feel to your manicure, especially when paired with glitter and crystal embellishments like this design.

To get the look, you’ll need two nail polish colours and a glitter: a burgundy like our Urban Graffiti Dionysus, a sparkly silver (e.g. Urban Graffiti’s Silver Sparkle) and a deep red glitter such as this one from our glitter range. I would also suggest using a matte coat to get the same effect achieved in this look. Once you’ve painted your nails, sprinkle the glitter over the nail you wish (this is called sugaring) directly onto wet top coat and cure, now you can start your detailing! We love the crystals in this look, which you can stick in place with some sturdy nail glue or directly into your wet top coat. Once you’ve added your crystals, you can add your snowflakes using a fine brush and your glittery silver polish.

If adorable characters are more your bag, these super cute Santa nails could be right up your chimney. We love the accompanying Christmas pudding and Rudolph design on this one too, all fairly easily achieved with nail art brushes and some of our glittery gel polish for good measure.

This Santa nails design would work well on acrylics or gel extensions and you only need three nail polishes: a ruby red, glittery brown (try our Uban Graffiti Confundo shade) and snow white to add the detailing. This one is all about patience; simply add your design in layers, curing each layer before adding your details!

Whether or not you have long acrylics or gel extensions, this beautiful Christmas nail art design is one that can be achieved on any nail length. When it comes to how to paint a Christmas tree on nails, there are a few options suited to all levels of nail art expertise. We love this one because it’s fun and easy to do, regardless of your adeptness with a nail art brush.

First, you’ll need to create your base, which can be done with a white glittery gel polish like our Urban Graffiti Osiris to create a wintery backdrop. Once you have cured, you can start painting on your Christmas tree nail art designs using a fine nail art brush. Your finishing touches will be to add the tiny bauble dots with your festive colours of choice – and, of course, the stars on top each tree.

With its candy cane stripes, sparkly red polish and glitter, this fun festive design ticks a lot of our boxes when it comes Christmas nail art. Whether you opt for Christmas gel nails or longer acrylics, this look is perfect for the festive season.

To get these candy cane nails, you’ll simply need a glittery white like our Urban Graffiti Snowflake, a sparkly red and standard white gel polish. When it comes to adding the candy cane nails, use your white polish first to create the base of the candy cane and then once this has cured go back in and fill in the gaps with your red polish! This is such an easy design to accomplish anyone can give it a shot.

Glitter Nails

If you’re not confident in your brush stroke, one super simple look you can try is a gorgeous all-over glitter in a festive shade. Whether you’re a nail art pro or a complete novice, a glittery finish is one that requires minimum effort but achieves maximum impact.

We love these Christmas gel nails in a glittery gold shade, but you can also work the look in any Christmassy shade of your choice, such as festive red or shimmery silver. One of our favourites is our Urban Graffiti Bronzed Goddess!

Whichever of our Christmas nail art designs you opt for this year, you can find a wide array of gel polish colours and nail art accessories to help you perfect every look. For more inspiration, browse our full Christmas theme collection.

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