Whether you’ve run a salon for years or you’re just starting out, one of the most crucial things is promoting your salon. We’ve put together some tips to help promote your salon and in turn, attract more customers!


It might seem like an unnecessary expense at first, but having an active website for your salon will bring benefits! Use your website to showcase your salon with up to date imagery and maps of your location.

Your website can include crucial information about your salon here’s what we’d recommend:


If you don’t know what a blog is, here’s a big hint: You’re reading one!
Blogs can help inform your customers about any changes in the business, potential competitions and they can also be used to provide free information to your potential customers. 


Email newsletters are a great way to keep your potential customers up to date. There’s a tonne of free services such as Mailchimp that make sending out newsletters easy. Make sure you have a newsletter sign up for on your website!


Show off all your skills! Having an up to date portfolio is a great way to attract new customers. 

We’d recommend hiring a professional to help build your website but if you’re on a tight budget you can always look at creating your own website using services like Wix or 1&1.


We know how much of a pain it can be loading up different social media apps/profiles, remembering passwords and making sure you’re looking at all inboxes at all times! 

When it comes to marketing you need to think about where your potential customers are going to be. Facebook and Instagram are two of our favourite platforms and the majority of our customer base is on there, so we stick to them!


Facebook is easy to use and has over 2 billion users! It’s becoming increasingly difficult for page owners to reach customers “organically”. Facebook uses an algorithm to decided if your post should appear in your audiences news feed. To combat that you’ll have to spice up your posting routine a little and make sure you post something your clients will comment on. We recommend downloading apps like Canva (it’s free!) to create quotes and memes, or feel free to share any of ours!


Instagram is a great place to create a portfolio! Remember to use plenty of hashtags so people can find your posts. Instagram stories is also a great place to show “behind the scenes” of your salon. The videos/pictures only last for 24 hours and can be filmed on your phone. If you’re lucky enough to have 10,000+ followers you’ll also be able to link your stories with the swipe up feature!

Facebook owns Instagram so you can cross-post between both platforms! You can also advertise on both websites by boosting your posts.


Nobody wants to get up at 5am to be ready for a networking event…
Network events can be more than a breakfast morning chat. Ask around your local area and see what networking events are available. From the list, try and weigh up the pros & cons of each event and pick the best. Don’t forget to take your business cards!

Look to see if there are any specific events that would benefit your salon such as wedding events!


With great deals comes great responsibilities (or something like that)!

Having regular deals in your salon is a great way to get new customers through the door. You can share these on social media, your website or even on your salon’s window!

Want to branch out to a wider audience? Use services like Groupon. Groupon will promote your salon when you add an offer with them. Then when you get the new client make sure you impress them and upsell!


Once you’ve got all of these clients in you’ll need a way to keep them coming back… Introduce a loyalty programme! A loyalty programme will win the hearts of your clients. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, you could get a simple loyalty card printed and after every appointment, the customer would receive a stamp you would then offer them something free after so many appointments! 

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