Spring is here! And what better way to celebrate the new season than with a fresh new manicure? Pack away your burgundy and moody hues from winter because this season is all about pastels, embracing bold and bright shades and adding flower designs on nails​​.

Florals for spring might not be groundbreaking, but flower nails will always be a spring staple! To help inspire your manicures this season, we’ve compiled a list of blooming beautiful flower nail art designs that are the pick of the bunch.

Forget Me Not Floral Nails

With their sky blue base and dainty daisies, these flower nails are perfect for spring! This look has been created using our Honest Fitting Builder In A Bottle and our Urban Graffiti gel polishes in Forget Me Not, Buttercup and Snow White. To get the most out of this design, you’ll need fairly long natural nails or nail extensions.

70s-inspired Flower Nails

Or opt for 70s-inspired flower nail art complemented by groovy waves! Our colours used here are Buttercup and Snow White again, bright orange Jaffa Cake and a touch of Courtesan. We love these colour combinations together, and this look is perfect for brightening up your nails this spring and summer! This is another look that works best with long almond, stiletto or coffin nail shapes.

Spring Green Floral Nails

When it comes to spring nails, green is a classic colour option. And the way this green manicure is complimented with pretty flower nail art makes this look even more suited to spring! All you need is green gel polish, white gel polish, and a fine nail art brush to paint on some delicate daisies. Finish with a glossy top coat to seal your design in place. You don’t need super long nails for this look, so it’s ideal even for short nail lengths.

Multicoloured Flower Nails

Or why not opt for a bright combination of colours like this multicoloured flower manicure? Use a nail art brush and your favourite pastel gel polish shades to create your little flowers, and you’ll have a multi colored manicure to rival a spring bouquet. This is another look that proves you don’t need super long nails to pull off nail art!

Neon Flower Nails

If you’re looking for statement spring nails this season, these neon flower nails are a perfect option! Bright and bold colours like these are ideal for spring and summer. Start the look by choosing a hot pink gel polish and a glittery gel polish for your base, then choose a selection of statement shades to create your flower nail art. It’s all in the details, so to add the finishing touches, add a little rhinestone in the centre of each flower! 

Spring Garden Floral Manicure

Or recreate this stunning floral nail art for a go-to spring manicure! To create this look, you’ll need a pale pink or nude gel polish for your base and a handful of your favourite spring shades. Paint on your petals using a fine nail art brush, and for the final details, add a dot of gold gel polish on the centre of each flower. 

Cute tulip flower nails

If you’re looking for a dainty design, this pretty tulip nail art is perfect. All you need is a steady hand and a fine nail art brush. For your french tips, opt for a bright and bold red and keep your nails square or squoval.

Subtle flower nail art


If you love subtle flower designs on nails, this one’s for you. This is one you can easily do at home – you just need a pink base, a buttercup yellow shade and a dot of brown in the centre of each flower. Finish with a top coat to seal and add a glossy finish.

And finally, if you want stand-out nails this spring, try 3D flower nails! We love the way this look alternates between coloured acrylics, a marble effect and 3D flowers with crystal centres. Fun and a little bit extra, these are statement nails perfect for embracing the sunnier seasons.

Which of these flower nail art designs will you try this season? We want to see your floral nails, so be sure to tag us on Instagram.

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