how to do ombre nails at home

Taking cues from ever-popular ombre tresses, a hair trend that burst its way onto the scene a couple of years ago and is still going as strong as ever, ombre nails are both fun and stylish – the perfect way to liven up your manicure. Want to learn how to do ombre nails like a pro? Our full step-by-step guide and video tutorial will show you exactly how to nail this trend.

So, what are ombre nails? 

If the trend has somehow passed you by, let us explain. The word ombre literally translates to ‘shaded’ in French and refers to a gradual transition between hues of colour – from light to dark or vice versa. Most popular as a hairstyle, in which darker roots fade to a lighter blonde hue, ombre has truly taken the world by storm and is making its mark just about everywhere. From interior decorating to clothing and, of course, nail art, it seems few people can resist this on-trend finish! 

When it comes to nails, the possibilities with ombre are almost endless. From pretty pastel gradients to dramatic monochrome finishes, ombre nails are a fabulous way to play with colour and create a manicure as unique as you are.

Want to learn how to ombre nails yourself? With a finish this chic, you may be worried that achieving this look will be impossible, but fear not – follow our guide below and we promise you’ll be nailing this look in no time! 

How to do ombré French nails 

An ombré effect offers a new take on this classic nail look, taking it from traditionally chic to modern and just a little more fun. Here’s how our very own Kirsty perfects a classic French gel ombré.

To achieve this look yourself, you will need:

  • A base coat
  • A nude pink polish
  • A white polish
  • A transparent pink polish
  • A top coat
  • A UV or LED lamp
  • A nail brush

Step one: apply your shades.

how to do ombre nails

If you are going directly onto your natural nails begin by applying and curing your base coat, if you’re wearing extensions skip straight to applying your colour! Take your nude pink shade and apply it from the base of your nail to around halfway up the nail. Then, take your white polish and apply to the remaining half of the nail, using the brush to carefully push the white polish up to meet the nude.

Step two: blend.

how to do ombre nails

Take your nail brush. For this look, ideally use a brush made with fine, wispy hairs to help provide you with the perfect faded effect, you can purchase ombré brushes for this exact purpose. Use the brush to carefully tap the transition line between the two shades in order to begin blending the colours together. Use your UV or LED lamp to cure this layer.

Step three: repeat. 

how to do ombre nails

Repeat the previous step, applying your two shades and gently tapping your brush from side to side to achieve the perfect, gradual ombré effect. Cure under your lamp.

Step four: apply a transparent layer.

how to do ombre nails

Apply another nude coat to your nail, this time using a slightly more transparent polish. For this, we love the shade ‘Flower Girl’, but another option is to simply mix your nude shade with a clear top coat for a more transparent finish. Take this shade around three-quarters of the way down your nail, before going back in with your brush to blend it out, then cure.

Step five: finish off with a final layer and top coat.

how to do ombre nails

Apply your clear top coat to the white of your nail, then go in with one more layer of your transparent pink nude to the rest of the nail, using your brush to blend the two polishes together. Cure under your lamp, then finish it all off with your favourite glossy top coat to seal everything in – we love the Urban Graffiti Top Coat for a high-shine finish. One final cure and your chic ombré french manicure is done!

If you want to take your mani to the next level, you can always experiment a little further. You could choose to add crystals, stickers, or even a nail stamp for a completely unique finish. Or to bling things up a bit, why not add a glitter top coat? The sky’s the limit! To take things to an even more creative level, why not try ombre-ing more dramatic shades? Kirsty loves the vampy effect of a red and black ombre and has even played with a neon glow in the dark shade for a super fun finish!

To see how Kirsty nailed the look, check out our video below.

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