Hi Guys,

So it’s time for a bit of nail art, hand painted Disney nail art to be precise. JJ loves it when I do designs that she can just sit and look at for hours. We had just watched the trailer for the new Dumbo movie which is coming out and I suggested that we do a cute little Dumbo design.

Now, this is the animated Dumbo, I know the new film is live action but I prefer the animated version, it’s just such a cute little elephant. Now the only things you really need to remember when hand painting with acrylic paint, is to matte off the nail, meaning that once you have chosen your color and applied it plus a top coat, just buff over the area on which you want to paint, this will help the paint to stick as it is applied instead of just sliding everywhere like it would on top coat.

Secondly, make sure you map out your designs, I never used to but when I discovered mapping out, my life became infinitely easier. get your shape right and then paint over the top, it will also make your art more pigmented as you have given it a base in the colour you are using which blocks the background colour even more.

I hope you enjoy watching me create this lovely cute Disney nail art design, let me know if there are any other designs like this that you think I should be doing.

Love Kirsty xx

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