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Chunky Glitter

Why not add a touch of sparkle to your clients nails? By using Naio Chunky Glitter you can add a touch of glitter to your Nail Art masterpieces.

This great Nail Art item can be added to nail varnish, UV Gel as well as Clear Acrylic Powder. It can be added to the powder prior to application and comes in a vast array of beautiful colours, so no matter what colour scheme you are using on the nails, there will be a Naio Chunky Glitter that will complement. 

The Naio Chunky Glitter would be a great addition to your wedding client’s nails as it will add that extra sparkle to their wedding photos. 
This Grade ‘A’ nail glitter dust is a 1/24” (1mm) fine glitter and is a cosmetic grade glitter dust which should not be used near the eyes due to the size of the particles. 

Grass Green - Nail Art Chunky Glitter 10ml | Naio Nails

Grass Green - Nail Art Chunky Glitter 10ml

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