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Vitamins for Nails: How to Combat Brittle Nails

Suffering from weak, brittle nails? Here at Naio Nails, we’re here to help! Whether your nails refuse to grow or are prone to splitting when they finally do, growing our natural nails can be a frustrating process. Luckily, there are several things you can be doing to help your nails on their way to becoming long, strong and naturally shining. Read on for our tips to combating weak nails, including common causes to avoid and the best vitamins for nails to include in your diet. What causes brittle nails? First,... Read More

autumn nails, autumn nail art 16/11/2020

5 Autumn Nails to Fall in Love With

The clocks have gone back, the trees are starting to change their leaves and donning a cosy jumper is now essential before venturing outside; yep, get your pumpkin spice at the ready because we’re officially in Autumn!  So, pack your pastels and paintbox brights away; this season is all about rich jewel tones and autumnal hues. Alongside the beautiful burnt orange and burgundy colour palettes associated with autumn, this time of year lends itself perfectly to getting creative with autumn nail art designs. Looking for ideas? Here at Naio Nails,... Read More

glitter nails, glitter ombre nails 16/11/2020

Gorgeous Glitter Ombre Nails [Easy Acrylic Tutorial]

Want to try your hand at gorgeous glitter nails this month? Here at Nails Nails, we’re going to show you how! These glitter ombre nails are perfect for autumn and couldn’t be more suited for moving into the festive season too.  We’ve used gold and pink glitter in our tutorial, but this ombre glitter nails look can be created using any two colour combinations you like! Additionally, if you don’t have time to do a complete set of glitter nails, you can also just apply one ombre glitter accent nail... Read More

halloween nail art, halloween nails 03/09/2020

6 Spook-tacular Halloween Nail Art Ideas For 2020

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! Don’t worry; we’re not talking about Christmas just yet, we mean the spine-chilling spectacle that is Halloween. Halloween celebrations are just around the corner, which – if you’re anything like us – means you’ve probably already started thinking about your outfit, Hocus Pocus is on stand-by, and you’re looking for inspo for drop-dead gorgeous Halloween nails!  Whether you’re planning a socially-distanced tipple or will be enjoying a cosy night in, one way to get into the Halloween spirit is by dressing... Read More

nail tips vs nail forms 28/08/2020

Nail Tips VS Nail Forms

Confused between nail tips and nail forms? Here at Naio Nails, we’re here to help! Whether you’re a training nail technician or simply want to know exactly what you’re asking for next time you treat yourself to a salon visit, our simple guide will give you all the basic information and tips you need about nail forms vs nail tips. We’ve detailed the difference between the two as well as the pros and cons to both methods of application to help you decide which is right for you. Nail Tips... Read More


How To Do Ombre Nails Like A Pro

Taking cues from ever-popular ombre tresses, a hair trend which burst its way onto the scene a couple of years ago and is still going as strong as ever, ombre nails are both fun and stylish – the perfect way to liven up your manicure. Want to learn how to do ombre nails like a pro? Our full step-by-step guide and video tutorial will show you exactly how to nail this trend. So, what are ombre nails?  If the trend has somehow passed you by, let us explain. The word... Read More

how to remove gel nails at home 24/08/2020

How To Remove Gel Nails at Home

Gel nails are a fabulous way to enjoy those shiny, glossy, picture-perfect nails for weeks on end! However, the downside can often be removing them. The temptation for many is to pick or peel off their gel nails, particularly if the nails start to chip or peel naturally. However, this is just asking for trouble! Picking at or scraping off your gel nails will cause damage to your nail bed, meaning your gels or acrylics are far less likely to stand the test of time next time you have them... Read More

How to care for acrylic nails, how long do acrylic nails last? 24/08/2020

How To Make Acrylic Nails Last Longer

Acrylics are a great way to keep your nails looking perfect for weeks on end, however, pesky chips, lifting and breakage can all get in the way of nail perfection! If you’re looking for how to make acrylic nails last longer, you’ve come to the right place; here at Naio Nails, we’re talking all things acrylics, divulging some of our top acrylic care tips to keep your nails looking gorgeous all the way through to your next salon trip. How long do acrylic nails last? The first question is –... Read More

how to file nails properly 24/07/2020

How to File Nails Properly

Suffering from brittle or broken nails? It could be down to how you file them! When we give ourselves a manicure, the aim is to create strong, long and healthy nails, but often this can be the very thing that causes them damage. Filing your nails might sound simple, but there are a few important things to remember when it comes to doing it right. Want to learn exactly how to file nails properly like a pro? Follow our simple steps below and say goodbye to nail file fiascos! How... Read More

how to do marble nails at home, marble gel nails 24/07/2020

How to Do Marble Nails (For All Skill Levels)

Marble nails are a hugely popular trend and one we love here at Naio Nails. Whether it’s a black and white marble effect or bright colours, marble effect nails always look stunning. Though they may look impressive, learning how to do marble nails is simple once you know how and a great option if you’re looking for maximum impact with minimum effort.  Want to get gorgeous marble nails? Here at Naio Nails, we’ve got a video tutorial and simple step-by-step guide on doing your very own marble gel nails at... Read More