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how to remove acrylic nails 25/09/2019

How To Remove Acrylic Nails [5 EASY STEPS]

We all love acrylics – they look fantastic and are a great way to enjoy stylish nails for longer. What isn’t so fantastic, however, is removing them! It’s common to get acrylics removed professionally, especially if you’re getting new nails reapplied on top. However, if you’re looking for advice on how to take acrylic nails off at home, the good news is you can learn how to do it yourself too in a few simple steps. Love your acrylic nails but want to learn how to remove them safely yourself?... Read More

how to remove acrylic nails 30/03/2022

Revealed: The 5 Most Influential Nail Art Celebrities

Everyone’s talking about the biggest nail trends for 2022, but which famous faces are really driving the conversation?  We look at Google search data to find out which celebrities are most influential when it comes to nail art – and our resident nail expert Steffi has detailed exactly how you can get these coveted looks for yourself. 1. Harry Styles The most searched for celeb when it comes to nail art is singer and sartorial star Harry Styles.  Almost as famous now for his avant-garde fashion choices as his catchy... Read More

colourful french tips 24/03/2022

10 Coloured French Tip Nail Designs

With the resurgence of 00’s fashion, it was only a matter of time until the French manicure came back on the scene. Last year, colourful or animal print versions of the classic French tip were everywhere, and this fun trend is going nowhere in 2022! Want to add a pop of colour to your mani this season? Opt for a twist on a classic with these colourful French tip nail designs. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Aimee L Link (@allnailss._) A gorgeous option for colourful French... Read More


10 Ideas for Retro 70s Nails

The 70s are back in style, and that includes nail art too! 70 nails are all about psychedelic shapes, colourful waves and flower power. Earth tones like brown, beige and terracotta are big in the 70s trend, plus bright pops of primary colours and pastels.  Want to add a groovy feel to your manicure this season? Try any one of these retro 70s nail art designs to get the look. We love how much these 70s style flowers pop against a black nail base. Plus it’s a great way to... Read More

wedding nails, wedding nail art, bridal nails 07/12/2021

Beautiful Wedding Nails For 2022

In need of wedding nails inspiration for 2022? Here at Naio Nails, we’ve picked out ten gorgeous wedding nail art ideas to say ‘I do’ to! From 3D flowers to gold accents, we’ve included a range of beautiful bridal nails to choose from, and designs ideal for bridesmaids too.  Whether you’re looking for classic colours, dainty details or something more statement, these elegant options will ensure your nails look the part on the big day.  Table of contents Wedding nails with glitter Gold marble-look wedding nails Gold accent bridal nails... Read More

Jelly nails, jelly nail art 03/08/2021

What are Jelly Nails?

Jelly nails are the must-try nail trend for spring and summer. Ever since Kylie Jenner rocked the look, these Instagram-able nails have been a seasonal staple. Inspired by translucent, colourful jelly, this nail trend is fun, playful and gives us major ‘90s nostalgia (especially for those of us who remember jelly shoes!) View this post on Instagram A post shared by Naio Nails (@naionailsuk) The revival of the ’90s has been huge in fashion and beauty for a while, and jelly nails fit right into the aesthetic. But, whether you’re... Read More

Milk Bath Nails 01/07/2021

How to Do Milk Bath Nails

What better way to get into a sufficiently summery mood than with a fresh new flowery manicure? Milk bath nails are inspired by and named after the luxurious and ancient practice of bathing in milk infused with floating flowers. This look emulates how the beautiful petals float on the surface by encapsulating dried flowers inside milky acrylic colours. Perfect for weddings, garden parties or just your everyday manicure this time of year, these dried flower nails are one of our favourites for the sunny seasons! To learn how to do... Read More

cuticle care guide 08/04/2021

Cuticle Care 101: Top Tips For Healthy Hands

When it comes to keeping our hands looking and feeling as good as possible, cuticle care can’t be overlooked. And, as well as keeping our hands healthy, caring for our cuticles properly also goes a long way in keeping our manicures looking salon-fresh and lasting as long as possible. Want the total low-down on cuticle care? Here at Naio Nails, we’ve made a complete guide with all you need to know about your cuticles, including how to use a cuticle pusher safely and how to keep your cuticles in top... Read More

leopard print nails 08/04/2021

How To Do Leopard Print Nails [5 Easy Steps]

Love leopard print and want to get the look for your next manicure? Here at Naio Nails, we’ve got the purrrfect, easy-to-do design to try. Leopard print is always a popular choice for gel nails because this look never goes out of style; it’s a classic print you can wear casually or for a special occasion, and it suits every season. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to do a simple freehand technique that’s super easy to learn. Whether you’re a professional nail technician or just love doing nail... Read More

how to buff nails, how to use a nail buffer block 07/04/2021

How To Buff Nails The Right Way

Do you find yourself skipping the buffing step when you treat yourself to an at-home manicure? Jumping right into painting your nails can be tempting, especially if you’re short on time. But trust us, buffing your nails can be a real game-changer to the look and feel of your nails. Here at Naio Nails, we’ve created a guide on how to use a nail buffer block properly and why you should make time for it in your nail care regime. What Does A Nail Buffer Do? So, what effect does... Read More

galaxy nails 07/04/2021

How to Do Galaxy Nails [Acrylic Extensions]

Want an out of this world manicure? Here at Naio Nails, we’re going to show you exactly how to do it! Whether you’re a training nail technician or want to try your hand at acrylic extensions at home, this galaxy nail art design is a fun and creative way to get celestial nails you’ll be starry-eyed for.  To learn how to do galaxy nails like a pro, check out our tutorial video below and follow our accompanying step-by-step instructions for all you need to know! You will need:  Acrylic Brush... Read More