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Product Reviews for Crystal Clear Acrylic Powder

Best acrylic powder

I'm a beginner and was using an acrylic system from amazon and it was rubbish, so I purchased this and omg it is amazing! The quality is amazing and it's affordable

January 14, 2022
Must have

Found out about naio through YouTube. I was just about to give up on acrylics since I'd tried other, admittedly on the cheaper side, brands from Amazon and had just seen a review by a DIY nail vidder showing swatches of naio acrylics they just got. I loved the colours and how they came out and googled naio nails website thinking it wouldn't hurt to try. I have never been so glad to try something in my life. The acrylics I bought, including this one, go on great and are so easy to control. The clear was exactly that bar one small bubble which I'm putting down to the cheap brush I used, that's next on my list to buy from here, lol. This is a product I'm making sure i never run out of since it can be used just as a base for colours to give them strength and to encapsulate your designs and or foils etc. Will be sticking to naio nails acrylics from now on only. Good price, good range of colours and great service.

October 23, 2021
The best

I’ve been getting my products from this site since i started teaching myself to do nails last year. I love all their acrylic powders. They pick up so well

July 15, 2021

Must have product for your kit super clear & amazing to work with!

August 22, 2020

Highly recommend

August 5, 2020

It is one of the best acrylics I have ever used. It goes on very smoothly and it also is very long-standing

June 7, 2020

This acrylic is so easy to use! It’s super easy to make beads and also apply them to the nail.The acrylic is very clear so if your encapsulating anything you will still be able to see it. Also just a heads up I’m using the naio nails max adhesion acrylic liquid and I get amazing results.I purchased the 65g pot and the price for the amount of acrylic is AMAZING.I was about to buy a rubbish 33g tub of acrylic from amazon for £10 but then luckily I found naio and got this amazing acrylic instead so I definitely recommend this to anyone ranging from beginner (like me) to more advanced!

April 20, 2020